About Tasman St Vet Centre (Make a booking)

The Tasman St Vet Centre is a Companion Animal Vet clinic based in the heart of Wellington City.

We adopt a preventative medicine approach to animal health care, so we work with you to keep your pets well. We help you with information and advice so your pet lives a long and happy life.

Should something happen to your pet, then we use our skills and resources to get a quick diagnosis and come up with treatment plan.

This is where we excel.

We provide you with the full range of treatment options for your pet in an easy to understand manner.  We explain the processes and likely costs and work in a team with pet owners and their pets for the best, personalised, plan for each case we see.

As a small clinic, our strengths are in our personal knowledge of your pets’ history. Where possible you will see the same vet at each visit. We don’t treat our customers or patients as ‘numbers’ – this is where you get ‘Professional, Friendly Pet Care’.

Most people just go to their nearest vet clinic, but we are lucky to have clients from all over Wellington. They tell us this is because they like the way we practice animal  medicine.

In addition to the usual veterinary services, we also offer feline boarding (we have Wellington city’s only cattery with outdoor gardens), retail services and host Viv Harris, Wellington’s Holistic Vet, one morning a week.

Need an Appointment? Complete the form below.

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